Frequently asked questions

What is Crisishaven's purpose?

Crisishaven is a platform to connect needs and help to expedite the restoration process after a crisis. Most organizations are set up to provide victims with necessities like food, water and basic supplies; but during a crisis, the need can be far greater. Small things add up; many a time, the victim is embarrassed to seek help for small needs.

How do I get started with Crisishaven?

Create an account with Crisishaven or login using external accounts such as facebook or google. Build your crisis registry; whether you are here to help or ask for help. Share your registry with friends and community so that you are connected where needed

What is a crisis registry?

Crisis registry is a list of items or services that you need or can provide. It can be embarrasing to ask (or offer) smallest of help; but in a crisis, it matters. By creating and sharing a registry, your needs get notified without all the embarrasment.

What do I need to know about scams?

Beware of scams. When dealing with strangers, it may be a good idea to communicate via the social media. This way, you could be more confident about who you are dealing with.

Is it safe to meet strangers in person to exchange goods?

We recommend that you pick a place that is safe, populated and well lit to meet up. Police in most cities offer designated safe zones where these trasactions can take place.